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unlock iphone

One of the most common problems our customers run into – despite the introduction of Touch ID and Face ID – is forgetting the password or PIN of their iPhone. If this ever does happen to you, whether for the sake of your phone or all the data on your iPhone, try to remember your password as much as you can before expending the limited attempts you have to get logged in. Here’s why.

When you enter a wrong password too many times, you’ll see the message “iPhone is disabled” and the phone makes you wait a certain amount of time before you can enter a password again. If you keep trying to guess the password, you’ll notice that the time before you can try again increases in length. Don’t push too hard though, you’ll eventually reach an “iPhone is disabled” message with no timer – the point of no return. From here, your iPhone is permanently locked. In this kind of situation, the only way to get into your iPhone again is to wipe, that is, delete, everything on the iPhone and start as if it’s a brand new phone with everything lost or, if you backed up your data, restore everything from your iCloud account.

If your iPhone backed up everything you need to iCloud, you can start the recovery process. Before starting, make sure you know of the login credentials of the Apple ID associated with the iPhone.

First, you’ll need a PC, Windows or Mac, which doesn’t matter as long as it has iTunes installed on it. You’ll need to connect your iPhone to your PC. Then, you’ll need to put your phone in recovery mode. Once in recovery mode, you’ll see a prompt appear asking to restore your iPhone and just allow iTunes to do its job. After the restore process completes, follow the setup instructions and verify the previous Apple ID.  Then, you can choose whether or not you want to restore the backup from iCloud. Now that you’re able to access everything, just reinstall all the cloud-saved apps if you chose to migrate the backup to the newly reset phone. 

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