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Unless you’re using a new device, it can be an unusual experience to encounter slow Wi-Fi. With such strong connections being so common nowadays, we commonly jump to the conclusion that something is wrong with our device. Don’t book a repair just yet, we’ve got some things you might try first. 

Weak internet connection? Have you tried turning it off and on again? Restarting your Wi-Fi router will allow for a fresh start. Simply turn it off, wait a couple seconds, and power it back on. Having a fresh start will help your router clear out most non-hardware related issues. If that doesn’t work, also try forgetting and re-adding the network. As a last resort, try to reset all network settings.

It could also just be your placement of the router that’s messing with your connection. If you are using a dual-antenna router, the 5GHz channel will have a significantly lower range but much higher speed compared to the standard 2.4GHz channel. If you haven’t checked, don’t inquire about an IT service. Instead, check if you’re on a dual-antenna router. If yes, and you are connected to the 5GHz channel, try moving closer to the router as it may just improve your internet connection. Or, alternatively, switch to the 2.4GHz channel.

For mobile phones, an often-surprising factor for weak internet connectivity is your phone case. The material of your phone case can disrupt Wi-Fi signals. The common culprits are metal phone cases and metallic materials as they mess with the antenna, usually found near the top of your phone. Plastic, leather, or silicone cases will do much better compared to metallic cases.

Also, you might not think that your operating system has anything to do with Wi-Fi issues but it can have a significant impact when the OS is too outdated. Simply update the OS if still possible and see if that solves the problem. Speaking of updates, you can also disable automatic updates in the app store in order to reduce the work on your network.

If after all these steps, your Wi-Fi is still weak, check if only one or multiple devices are effected. The issue is possibly with your router if the slowness applies to all devices, or but with your device if only one specific device has poor connectivity.

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