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We’ve all been there: having problems loading, downloading, or just doing anything in general. Our phones seem to degrade over time and it feels like there’s just no escape from the impending doom of our phone slowing down. Luckily, we’ve got some do-it-yourself solutions that have a good chance of improving your phone’s performance. There are a couple things that could be slowing your phone down, and some of them could potentially save you a trip to the Apple store or a phone repair shop.

One common reason for your phone slowing down is that the software and/or hardware may just be outdated. It’s possible that the operating system of your phone is too old and not as optimized to run the apps that you have. In this case, updating your operating system, if at all possible, should at least reduce the problem. It could be the other way around, though, when your operating system or apps are too demanding and your hardware simply can’t keep up with it.

More apps means less storage space, which in turn means lower performance of your phone. Since each software process needs temporary storage, the less space you have available the slower the processes will be carried out. If you have some large, or small but unused, apps, it is recommended you delete them as this will free up space and help your phone perform better.

While you’re checking your apps, you should also keep an eye out for apps that you don’t recognize. There could be malware on your phone! This applies even to iOS devices. Yes, Apple devices are known for their security, but it’s not impossible for iOS’ security to be breached. Click on this link telling you how to check for malware on your phone. In the case that you find malware on your device, delete all the apps you don’t think you downloaded from the App Store. Updating your software may work too, and not only for Apple devices. As a last resort, you might factory reset your phone, though, a trip to your local repair shop might be safer.

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