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People often complain about the battery life of their phones and, more often than not, those phones are iPhones. Notorious for their short battery life, iPhones need some workarounds. Here, we offer some tips and tricks to lengthen your iPhone’s battery life.

One of the culprits stealing your battery life is your screen’s brightness. First, disable your iPhone’s auto-brightness. It automatically adjusts your screen’s brightness depending on the lighting condition you are in. Having the auto-brightness feature turned on means that the proximity sensor, which is responsible for detecting the lighting condition, will be active and consume battery life while you are using your phone’s screen. Disabling auto-brightness does mean that you have to manage your screen’s brightness yourself but at least you save some juice. After that, simply adjust the brightness of your screen as needed. You probably already know how to adjust your screen brightness but, in case you don’t, you’ll need to open the control center. To open the control center, swipe down from the top right of your iPhone if your iPhone has Face ID or swipe up from the bottom of the screen if your iPhone has a home button. To reduce the screen brightness, open the control center and adjust the value of the brightness slider. 

Related to the brightness of your screen, you can also enable dark mode to improve battery life – note that this is effective for iPhones with an OLED display only. Due to the ability of OLED displays to turn off individual pixels, having dark mode “on” means only pixels different from black need to be fed power. The lower number of pixels that need to be powered saves you some battery life because your phone is selectively “turning off” the pixels that need to display black.

Also, a lower power mode will definitely help save battery life but your phone suggests you turn it on only when your battery is at 20%. Did you know that you can actually toggle low power mode on manually? Although having a few drawbacks, such as disabling automatic downloads, email fetch, “Hey Siri”, and iCloud backups, a lower power mode is sure to save you battery life. Simply, go to Settings  then Battery and then flick the switch for low power mode on. To disable it, you have to go through the same process or, more easily, just add the low power mode switch to your control center. To do that, go to Settings then Control Center and scroll down until you see low power mode. Tick on the switch. Now, you should be able to toggle low power mode from your control center.

As you may notice, saving battery life generally involves disabling features. To save even more battery life, you can turn off notifications from apps that you don’t find necessary. Notifications wake your phone and turn your screen on, which wastebattery life. You can also lower the screen’s auto-lock timer to save more battery life in Settings then Display & Brightness and then Auto-Lock. Also, as mentioned, email fetching gets disabled when turning on low power mode. If you don’t like lower power mode but also don’t want automatic email notifications, you can turn off push. To do this, go to Settings then Mail then Accounts and then Fetch New Data. Turn push off, and set fetch to manual. You won’t be receiving notifications for your mail after this so make sure you remember to check your emails manually.

One big thing that can help with saving battery life, and saves you from having to get your iPhone repaired, is not overcharging your iPhone. We know that batteries degrade over time the more charge and discharge cycles they go through. However, it can degrade much faster when it’s always left plugged in when it’s not supposed to be. Ideally, you should only charge your iPhone when the battery is around 20% – 25% and only up to 95%. Not reaching the extremities of the battery’s capacity can prolong its health and delay your trip to the repair shop for a battery replacement.

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