iPhone Privacy Indicators

Apps want to access to your photos

Privacy has always been one of the iPhone’s selling points. Starting with iOS 14, Apple gives their users more information about user privacy with the green and orange dots that can be seen on the top-right corner of their iPhones. What could these indicators mean?

The green and orange dots appear from time to time, not continuously. They show up to inform the user that an app is currently accessing either the camera and/or microphone of their iPhone. The orange dot indicates that the microphone is being used while the green dot indicates that the camera is being used. Note that both dots will never appear at the same time as the green dot signifies both camera and microphone are being accessed.

Now that you know when the camera and microphone are being accessed, you may be wondering if it’s possible to know which apps are using them. When you see the indicator pop on, simply open your control center and your iPhone will tell you which app is using the camera and/or microphone. 

With this feature, you can be more assured of your privacy. When you notice the indicator turning on at a time you don’t expect, you can immediately see which app is using the camera or microphone. When an app shows suspicious activity like this, you can either delete it if you don’t trust it, or contact the developers to inform them of a potential bug if you trust the app. As a user, you can only hope these apps are not doing anything shady with the data they get from you.

To put yourself at even greater ease, you can go to Settings then Privacy and select again which apps you want to be able to access your camera and microphone.

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