How to check for malware

Malware is literally everywhere. Just as easily as you can be infected by the flu, so can your phone with viruses. For today’s topic, iPhones and viruses.

Although Apple devices are known for their security, it does not exempt them from malware attacks. iPhones, and iPads, are really secure but some clever bad people out there still manage to breach the Apple devices’ security. In the case that your iPhone is infected with a virus, you’ll be able to notice a significant amount of degradation in performance. Now, wait a minute before you hop into your car and take your Apple device to your nearest Apple store. We’ve got some tips to save you the trip to your local phone repair shop.

“Do you really even have malware on your iPhone?” is the first thing we have to ask. Most times, poor iPhone performance comes from having little storage space remaining, having too many background apps running on your iPhone, or your phone is outdated. You will notice some effects other than merely performance issues if your phone does have a virus. Let’s go into detail.

When checking if your iPhone really does have any sort of malware, you may notice some of the following. Unfamiliar apps being installed on your iPhone, unusually large bills, and unusually large amounts of storage consumption are all signs of malware. If, for example, your bill on mobile data is significantly higher than it should be, there is a high probability your device has malware living in it for free.  Your device may or may not be jailbroken but if you observe these effects, there’s a chance that your device has malware on it.

If you suspect there is malware on your phone, try restarting your device first. A simple turning it off and on again won’t hurt and, in some cases, can actually solve the problem on Apple devices. Once your device is back on, delete any applications that you don’t recognize or don’t remember downloading. Clearing your history and caches may help not only in keeping your private information secure, but also to ward off other malware. Of course, there’s always the option of having antivirus software installed on your Apple device. They can detect any type of malware and some of them even clean your phone’s junk. They just work.

If you think that there is no virus on your phone but it is slow, try following these steps.

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