Forcus Modes

Forcus Modes

With the release of the new iPhone iOS 15, Do Not Disturb mode was replaced with Focus Modes. The release of Focus Modes does not mean that Do Not Disturb mode was removed, though, as Focus Modes is essentially an improved version of the original Do Not Disturb mode.

When the old Do Not Disturb mode is activated, it hampers a great number of iPhone features, including essential notifications and even calls! Some people don’t know about the calls being silenced and wonder. As a phone repair shop, we’ve seen a number of people walk-in asking to fix their phones that are not receiving calls, and a lot of them just had Do Not Disturb mode on. 

Unlike the Do Not Disturb mode you’re familiar with, the new Focus Modes allows you to customize everything! Apple provides some preset Focus Modes but you can still tweak them to your liking. You can also create a Focus Mode from scratch. With the Focus Modes you can specify which apps to be excluded from notifications, which people you can receive calls from, and you can even set a schedule for automation! 

To set up Focus Modes, go to Settings then Focus. Tap on the [+] and follow the steps to set up a new Focus Mode. During set up, you can select people and apps you want to receive notifications from while that specific Focus Mode is active. You can also set up the schedule or automation for a Focus Mode. You can go with time-based, location-based, or app-based triggers that will automatically turn on the specified Focus Mode.

In the case that you don’t want your Focus Mode automated, you can always toggle it on and off from the control center. There, you can still set a semi-automated Focus Mode that you turn on and will automatically turn off after an hour or when you leave your current location. 

Just note that Focus Modes are synced across all your devices. If you turn it on your iPhone, it will automatically turn it on for your iPad too.

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