Changing Photo Formats

Customers have walked in asking about possible phone repairs for incompatible image formats – the majority were using iPhones. If you’ve encountered such issues, don’t worry, you really don’t need to visit our repair shop. Try this tip first. 

If you’ve ever exported photos from your iPhone to your computer, you may have noticed that the photos are in an unfamiliar. iPhones and iPads typically save imagery in the High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF), specifically High Efficiency Image Container (HEIC) for photos and High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) for videos. They’re cool and all, but how are they different from the usual JPEG format, anyway?

Apple probably chose to save photos in HEIC format as it consumes less storage space compared to JPEG. HEIC format not only takes less space, it also saves some extra details that the JPEG format cannot. HEIC format’s only real inconvenience is its incompatibility with a lot of image editing software in use today – including Photoshop. If you export your images often, you might want to consider just saving them as JPEG instead of having to convert them every time you export them.  Thankfully, there is a way to save images in the JPEG format on your iPhone. 

To change the image format on your iPhone go to Settings then Camera and then Formats. Select the most compatible format such as JPEG. Any photos you take after that will be saved in that format, again, such as JPEG. 

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