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Have you ever tried to download a huge app on your iPhone, left it near the router for hours, and come back to it having not made any progress at all? It can be very frustrating finding out you waited for nothing. So, you backtrack, try it again under observation, and all of a sudden none of the apps you try to download or update work. Many factors come into play in this situation, so what do you do? I’ll list the possible causes making your iPhone downloads problematic, as well as offer a few suggestions.

Oftentimes, problems like apps not downloading are caused by your Internet connection. -First, connect another device to your Wi-Fi access point or router and see if the device connects to the Internet and behaves properly.

Another common cause is a lack of storage space. You may be downloading an app only to realize that there isn’t enough space after an alert pops up telling you “Not Enough Storage”. Of course, the solution to this is freeing up storage space by deleting some apps and/or large files that you have stored in your iPhone.

In some cases, updating your Apple ID Details could solve the “apps not downloading” problem. Even if you only download free apps from the App Store, you still need to have valid payment information and contact details linked to your Apple ID account.

If you travel, and I mean the changing time zones kind, make sure that the time on your iPhone is in sync with the time zone you’re in. This tiny detail can cause a problem in the communication between your iPhone and Apple’s servers. You can change your time and date in Settings, General, then Date & Time. You can set the time manually or have it set automatically.

If you are still having the problem after trying the tips above, check the content and privacy restrictions for iTunes and App Store Purchases. Though rarely happening, it is possible that your App Store is simply not allowed to download this, that, or anything. To fix this, go to Settings, Screen Time, Content & Privacy Restrictions, and then iTunes and App Store Purchases. You should see an option for installing apps, just make sure that it says allowed.

It also never hurts to give “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” a shot. From the home screen, try pausing and then resuming your download. The app you’re downloading should appear on the home screen as a darkened version of its icon. Hold the darkened icon and you should see the option to pause the download. Wait a few seconds, then resume the download.

Similarly, if things still aren’t going well, clear all of the active apps and restart your iPhone. Because, again, it never hurts to give it a try and it often solves software-related glitches.

Lastly, double-check if the app is even compatible with your iPhone. Sometimes, users can overlook compatibility issues as they don’t realize that the app they’re trying to download has high minimum standards, or their phone is just out-of-date. So, open the App Store, search for the app you’re downloading, go to app details, and scroll down to the Information section. You should see the compatibility status.

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