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We put the pieces together. Computer repair services for home, office, and on-the-go. Setup, servicing, and repair. Our expert technicians will have it solved.

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01. Our Service

Home Computer Repairs

Up and Running in No Time

Things go wrong. It’s a fact of life. Screen cracked. Laptop won’t startup. Virus invaded your device. We solve all your tech problems with fast and reliable service.

02. Our Service

Business IT Support

Running The Way You Need

Your business needs everything to run smoothly. From professional presentations to automation, we’re here to optimize your IT solutions for business and commerce.

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About Us

We Put All the Pieces Together

01. Setup and servicing

We setup your device, install the software, secure and sync it. We service it to keep it running smoothly.

02.Planning And Sourcing

We get your needs sorted and met on a budget. We scour our suppliers to find that right fit.

03. Assemblies and Repairs

We build gaming machines and repair Apple and major brands of phones, laptops, and computers.

04. Privacy and cybersecurity

We help keep information private and ensure malicious software doesn’t compromise your device.

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03. Our Service

we serve your everyday needs

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We’re here to solve your tech problems


Home and personal computing for work or play


Business computing for communications and productivity


eCommerce computing from sales and marketing to fulfillment

04. Our Service

IT Learning

Precursor to Success

Every activity and success these days has an IT dependency. Open opportunities and improve your chance for success by having a foundation in data science and information technology.

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05. Promotion

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The future is tech. Don’t miss out on our latest promotions, as well as our discounts on tech, gear, and services.

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We put the pieces together. Tech solutions for home, office, and on-the-go. Software and devices. Our expert technicians will have it solved

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